In four easy steps!

*Please note that the deadline to bring your items is one hour before the store closes.

Make your inventory

Select the quality items, clean and very slightly used that could benefit another child.

Bring your items to UKD

and an expert will analyze your merchandise and choose according to the status and demand. Software will determine the purchase and sale value of each item.

We make you an offer

You leave either: With cash for accepted items or 20% more if you opt for a credit in store *.

Shop at UKD

and pay up to 70% less than the prices of similar new items.

Some tips to MAXIMIZE your sales … 


Quality clothes, freshly washed, wrinkled and folded into boxes (not in bags).
Check that there are no stains, missing buttons or holes and that the clothes are in good condition.
Clothing in fashion and the taste of the day preferably.


Clean, working toys, with all parts (if possible, include batteries).


Clean equipment, including all parts.


*In-store credit not refundable and valid only for the purchase of merchandise.

To contact us in store 450-672-0853